Reservoir design, production.

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Underground reservoirs are made of high quality GRP fiberglass. The tanks are designed for storage of acids, salty water, technical water, liquid fertilizers, drinking water and other liquids / solutions.

Available in various volumes, dimensions and shapes from 5 to 100 m3




  • Long service life
  • Durable composite product
  • Corrosion resistance and exposure to chemically aggressive substances
  • Can be manufactured with an insulating layer to protect solutions or fluids from freezing
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Individual solutions

Standard equipment


  • Saddles, hatch with flange and flat fiberglass cover
  • Fill and drain flanges
  • Ventilation pipe
  • Mixing equipment
  • Ladders according to cache data
  • Extra hatch

Additional connections


  • Water level gauge
  • Equipment for mixing
  • Rubber saddle mats
  • Extra angles on the secondary legs for attachment to the foundation

We can offer solutions according to your individual or design requirements.