ReservoirsCompleted projects

Completed projects

Manufacture and installation of 25m3 plastic tanks with support legs in Vilnius 2019m.

Production and installation of a 445m3 above ground tank for firefighting needs in Vievis 2019m.

445m3 antžeminio rezervuaro gamyba ir montavimas Vievyje 2019m.

Installation of 36m3 diesel tanks with state-of-the-art fuel dispensing, metering and key tracking equipment, electrical instalation works, system commissioning Panevėžys district 2019 (There will be more photos soon).


200m3 LPG tank production, delivery, with electrical works works in Šiauliai district 2019.


Installation, delivery and dispensing equipment connection of 100m3 oil tanks with equipment Panevėžys 2019m. 

Production, delivery, customization of 13.5m3 sulfuric acid tank in Vievis 2019m