Reservoir design, production.

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Design, manufacture, supply and assembly of above ground cylindrical fire tanks of various volumes. Reservoirs can serve as a water source for stationary fire extinguishing systems, fire sprinkler systems and external fires.

We can also offer tanks for potable and heating water.


At the client's request we make commercial offers, prepare foundation and tank design, deliver and assemble tanks according to the following standards:

  1. PN-EN 12845 Fixed firefighting systems. Automatic sprinkler systems. Design, installation and maintenance.
  2. LPS 1254
  3. NFPA 22 Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection.
  4. FM Global approvals. For fire tanks.
  5. CNBOP. For food tanks.


Advantages of reservoirs

  1. Available in large volume tanks from 10m3 to 2578m3, dimensions on request and large color palette allow to meet virtually any need.
  2. 3 year warranty on tanks. Upon completion of the project, the customer receives documentation for the warranty, the specification and the instruction manual.
  3. High quality of materials and assembly, anti-corrosion and hygienic protection against algae.
  4. Water Freeze Guarantee. The walls and roof of the tanks are properly insulated and internally insulated with XPS or EPS panels of 60mm and above, as well as the appropriate capacity there, to maintain a positive water temperature during the cold season.
  5. Quick and easy tank assembly in 2-3 weeks. During special assembly, the tank is installed without heavy machinery, which allows to reduce the overall costs.
  6. Tightness. The inside of the tank is covered with a new generation of 1.5mm thick PVC membrane, which ensures complete sealing. Fast service when needed, high mechanical strength and up to 35 years service life.
  7. Also, a 1.00-0.75mm thick EPDM membrane can be used for sealing. It is an older technology membrane with as much as 300%. elasticity, but the relatively long service life and lower warranty of 30 years, often make it overtake.
  8. Possibility to carry out installation work all year round.
  9. The low weight of the tank construction and the ability to select and reassemble the tank may give you the flexibility you need for your project.



  1. Matching the proposal to the project and individual requests.
  2. Signing the contract. A contract is concluded and signed on the basis of both parties.
  3. Formation of reference guidelines based on geological soil survey report sent by the client.
  4. Download of the guidelines, foundation work, start of production of the tank elements.
  5. Delivery of equipment, sheets, insulation and other elements to the prepared site with the foundation and the necessary plumbing and electrical connections.
  6. Reservoir assembly. When the foundation is completely dry and the materials are on site, a qualified team of staff arrives. The reservoir is mounted using external hydraulic cylinders. The steel structure is raised until the internal insulation, membrane and equipment are installed. The tank is fixed to the concrete by anchoring bolts.
  7. Leak test. When the installation is complete, the water is discharged into the tank. Initially, water is allowed up to almost 1.5 meters, flanged connections are evaluated. In the second stage, the tank is filled to its nominal volume. According to the standards, the test duration is 24-48 hours.
  8. Electrical Equipment Testing. The operation of the electrical equipment including the control cabinet shall be checked. The automatic system prevents the heating elements from starting until the minimum water level in the tank is reached.
  9. Certification. After completing all tests and launching the system, we will provide the necessary declarations, warranties and other required documents. The construction site is in order.


Two types of fire tanks:

  1. The connections shall be made through the side of the tank.
  2. The connections shall be made through the tank foundation.

* Mixed versions are also available.