Reservoir design, production.

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This unique coating is fused to steel sheets at 815*C, resulting in excellent chemical and physical properties:

These glass-coated sheets can serve as a storage medium for potable, thermosetting and other aggressive chemical solutions.

  • Higher durability against mechanical damage, high resistance to temperature and aggressive chemicals.
  • Factory-designed and conveniently assembled structure allows easy replacement of damaged sheets or relocation of the entire tank.
  • A much more cost-effective solution compared to concrete or welded tanks.
  • Certified for food use, the coating provides the highest standards.


We provide commercial offers on request, and always prepare structural drawings of the foundation and tank.

CNBOP standard available. For food tanks.


General advantages of tanks

  1. Large volume tank options from 40m3 to 4000m3, dimensions on request, and a wide range of colours are available to meet virtually any need.
  2. 3-5 year warranty on tank structural elements, 2 year warranty on electrical equipment. Upon completion of the project, the customer receives the documents for the warranty, specification and user manual.
  3. Quick and easy assembly of tanks in 2-4 weeks. During special assembly, the tank is assembled without the need for heavy machinery, reducing overall costs.
  4. All seasons of the year are possible. (from 4*C).
  5. The low weight of the tank structure and the possibility to disassemble and reassemble the tank in another location can give you the flexibility you need for your projects.